Executing the CLI version of marathon requires you to provide all the options through the Marathonfile. By default, it will be searched in the working directory by the name Marathonfile, but if you need a custom file path you can specify it via the options. Additionally for Android vendor extensions it’s possible to provide a custom Android SDK location instead of using ANDROID_HOME environment variable or providing this via the Marathonfile.

$ marathon -h
usage: marathon [-h] [--marathonfile MARATHONFILE]
                       [--android-sdk ANDROID_SDK]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help                     show this help message and exit

  --marathonfile MARATHONFILE,   marathonfile file path

  --android-sdk ANDROID_SDK      Android sdk location

Gradle plugin

Executing your tests via gradle is done via calling appropriate gradle task, for example marathonDebugAndroidTest. These tasks will be created for all testing flavors including multi-dimension setup.

$ gradle :app:marathonDebugAndroidTest